About Mediebruket

Mediebruket AS  is a web consultants agency which makes internet tools. We are experts on tailored development and hosting of digital solutions – from the simplest of websites to advanced logistics management systems, customer management systems, and solutions for application processing for both private and public clients.

How we help you

We will always base our work on your needs and goals, and the resources you have available. The first step is you contacting us and explaining the problem you would like to solve. Whether you would like a tool or a digital channel that helps you save time and money or provides you with more customers, we will suggest solutions that will help you with just that. When we agree on the solution we start design a plan together,  and tailor a solution which will help you reach your goals.

When the solution is finished, we can, if you wish, follow up and take the responsibility for both the technical hosting and the content. If you one day no longer need our services, you are of course free to end it at any time – you do not have a fixed obligation.

We love to make good digital solutions so that you can fulfill your ambitions. Contact us and get a noncommittal offer.

A small warning: If we are not absolutely certain that we can provide a great solution for your needs, we will have to politely decline the assignment, and be happy to help you to find others who are experts in exactly what you need help for.

A large network of good helpers

In Mediebruket we can deliver all of the production chain within digital tools and internet based communication: Strategy, programming, multimedia content, hosting, support etc. We also have a solid network of subcontractors who covers all possible needs within communication and consultation services; design of logo and profile, advertisements, brochures, illustrations, text, professional photos, movies and more.

A steady partner

Mediebruket was started in 2009, and will be a stable and safe partner for you. We have a healthy economy, and have been named as a Gaselle company by Dagens Næringsliv, a Norwegian newspaper.

The developers at Mediebruket have an extensive expertise in web development, and have made hundreds of big and small web tools, websites and other digital solutions. We keep track of the newest technologies, demands and trends.

Our project managers have a long experience as web editors and web managers, and know just what it takes for you to have a good digital tool.

You are welcome to contact us to ask us about relevant references for the goals you would like to reach, and for the tools we may suggest to develop for you.